Lake Superior Brewing Expanding, Adding Canning Capacity

Under new ownership, Lake Superior Brewing is gearing up to expand into the Twin Cities after it adds the ability to can its beer in addition to bottling.

“It’s a refresh on the brand,” co-owner Lisa Blade told the Duluth News Tribune. “We’re getting out there, working with all the distributors, working with all the people that bring us on tap.”

Long sold only in Wisconsin and Minnesota, the brewery anticipates the beer will reach the Fargo market within the year, and potentially Iowa soon after. Accompanying the new markets is the launch of canned beer, a first for the brewery that has traditionally only bottled its product.

“We’ll still be using the bottles,” Blade said, “but the demographic calls for cans. If we don’t have cans, we could be missing out (on) three-quarters of our sales basis.”

The beer being offered is the same for the most part, with the exception of one flavor. For this summer, the brewery is wedding together old and new with the reintroduction of a classic not seen in five years: Mesabi Red Ale.

As Blade’s favorite beer, she had the idea to bring it back after buying the company in October 2017. The decision was guaranteed only after hearing from others a wish to see the return of the malty, balanced red ale.