Target Launches New, Cheaper-Yet Brand

Target this morning announced the introduction of Smartly, a new lower-priced owned brand comprised of more than 70 items, such as hand soap, paper plates, household cleaners and razors, with most items less than $2. The collection will arrive in stores and on beginning Oct. 14, 2018, and will be available year-round.

It’s much like Walmart’s “Price First” brand. Introduced in 2013, it is a low-priced generic brand covering very basic grocery items, trash bags, and paper goods targeted toward the most budget-conscious shoppers.

Target points out in its news release that this new brand is just one of more than 20 it has launched over the years. Most recently, the retailer focused on new brands that offered greater style and sense of value rather than cheapest-price-possible, which Smartly does.

Prices range from $0.59 to $11.99, with most under $2. In addition to being cheap, the products have a variety of choices. For example, liquid hand soaps will be found in fragrances such as Rain Shower and Lavender, and all-purpose cleaners will be available in scents like Ocean and Citrus Grove. Additionally, Smartly’s packaging is meant to be both modern and “joyful,” featuring irreverent expressions that say “smells like well, nothing” on a bar of unscented soap and “no dishes tonight” for disposable plates.

“By introducing a new lower-priced option to Target’s Essentials assortment, Smartly offers guests reliable everyday items that they can be confident to use and proud to display in their homes,” the company says.