Maud Borup’s Christine Lantinen on Finishing a $6 Million Expansion, Altering Marketing & Leading During Covid-19

In this week’s unedited One Take interview, Maud Borup’s Christine Lantinen talks about leading through the Covid-19 economy, how she and her team have changed marketing tactics, production processes and more, plus their need to hire more than 100 hourly employees and her thoughts on how business leaders can best deal with the stress created by these unsettling times.

“This has affected everyone emotionally in many different ways. So it’s important, especially as we have been isolated, to find someone you can talk to about how you’re feeling,” she says during the interview. “How you find an outlet that’s healthy and deal with the crisis is also really important as it affects you not only personally but in the workplace. For me and my husband, we got into running. We’re running four miles every day and that’s been key to our mental wellbeing through all of this.”

Slide1Lantinen’s interview can be seen here on YouTube or listened to/downloaded here on Spotify.

During each One Take interview, a CEO is asked to provide her or his take on how best to deal with the most pressing business and economic issues of the day. Another reason for the name “One Take” is that each interview is a continuous, unscripted dialogue with no edits.

One Take CEO interviews are produced by former Twin Cities Business Editor in Chief Dale Kurschner and are sponsored by Platinum Group, Minnesota’s most experienced advisory group helping business owners and leaders with extreme challenges including financial setbacks, lender and landlord re-negotiations, turnarounds and bankruptcies. Kurschner is one of its consultants.

Complimenting this series are interviews with key members of Platinum Group. This week’s is with Partner Randy Kroll, who has 40 years of CPA experience, has led four organizations and serves on several boards. Randy stresses the importance of planning during times like this, while also communicating frequently with hope and sincerity to employees.

He also offers up this tip: “If somebody’s name comes to mind (business colleague or acquaintance, pick up the phone, call and ask ‘how are you doing? What’s been your experience through this time?’ It supports them but also integrates new ways of thinking into you are looking at things, and how you move forward with your business.”

Kroll’s interview can be watched here on YouTube or listened to/downloaded here from Spotify.

The first One Take interview was with Faribault Woolen Mill Chairman and CEO Paul Grangaard, who shares how his business is moving forward in these uncertain times, and how retail in general will change (watch for more items being sold in coffee shops). You can see Grangaard’s interview here or listen to it/download it here, while text excerpts are available at

The second One Take interview was with Chuck Runyon, co-founder and CEO of Self Esteem Brands best known for its worldwide franchise operation Anytime Fitness. Runyon discusses how he and his employees have been supporting nearly 4 million customers and 5,000+ franchisees in 42 countries during the coronavirus pandemic. You can see Chuck’s interview via YouTube or listen to it on or download it from Spotify, and see more about it online here.

The next interview is with Jeff Kiesel, CEO of Restaurant Technologies Inc., which will be released June 10.


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