Is This Missing in Your Sales Strategy?

It may sound simple, but the biggest missing component amongst the dozens of sales departments and organizations Gary Braun has helped over the years is performance management.

“A lot of people put comp plans in place to help drive the right behaviors and I agree with that—to a point. Comp plans help. But people manage people,” says Braun, who along with brother Mike, own and lead Pivotal Advisors, a Prior Lake, Minn.-based firm that helps organizations improve their sales results.

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“If you were on my team, and I sat down every week with you and said, [your name], you’re supposed to have five new opportunities this week, how are we doing? If you say you have five, I’d go, ‘rock on, way to go, keep going!’ Or if you tell me you don’t, I then need to say, ‘this is third week in a row that we’ve not hit our goal here. What do we need to differently?’ Having that conversation makes a world of difference. It’s about driving the right behaviors and holding people accountable. But I don’t see it happening out there. Usually, when I see a sales leader and salesperson get together, it’s just a pipeline review every week.”

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