Dealing with Differing Perceptions

In this brief interview, CEO Chad Nesbit, who leads a business insurance firm with 18 locations in three states, shares how he deals with this situation, plus…

  • How to replace essential face-to-face-meetings with something else that works; and
  • What’s working well for some of his clients, what isn’t and why.

“Being from a small town, you understand that we’re not going to be always of the same opinion but we can both be positive. You can come at it from the left, I can come at it from the right, and we can still meet in the middle being positive about it,” Nesbit says. “It’s okay to disagree with somebody else’s opinion. It’s nothing but an opinion. But if you start pushing this negative you know and putting people down for their opinion instead of just saying, okay respect it, let’s build this thing, it’s not good.”

How to stay authentic as a leader during such times?

“I’ve got plenty of people that disagree politically or with whatever I’ve go going on. We don’t get into that. That’s not why I’m here. [With employees] I’m here to talk to you about who you are and what you’re doing and is everything going okay and let’s try and stay on that path and remember that we’re trying to be good to our clients. And if we’ve got a client who has their moment and wants to give their opinion, just say it’s your opinion, I don’t necessarily agree with it but I’m not going to shoot you down. I’m not going to do a 180 and agree with you, but I’m also not going to poke the bear.”

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