Leading When People Are Stressed, Plus How Best to Bring Employees Back to the Office

These issues and more are explored in this week’s One Take CEO Interview with Jim Snoxell, CEO and chair of the business law and nonprofits department at the law firm Henningson & Snoxell.
“It took me a while to realize this but there’s no question the ongoing Covid-19 [pandemic] and all the social unrest and political discomfort going on right now is contributing to stress, a kind I wasn’t aware of it in myself until I noticed that I was uttering an occasional unhappy remark about some computer frustrations that I would not have done before,” Snoxell says.
“Covid-19 is bad enough. Then throw in all the other stuff, plus the always ongoing realities of being in business,” he says. “It just keeps coming at us and the reality that we don’t have an end point in mind… in the workplace, people are stressed. [As leaders we first] “have to be aware of it in ourselves, and we have to take that into consideration when dealing with our people and our clients because they, too, are feeling some of this.”
Snoxell discusses how things are trending when it comes to renegotiating terms to contracts (you may want to check how well yours addresses one issue in particular). How to bring employees back to work is also addressed, and it goes well beyond having enough personal protective equipment.
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