Tastefully Simple’s Jill Blashak Strahan on Lessons from Quick Success, 7 Years of Losses & Return to Profit

Tastefully Simple Founder and CEO Jill Blashak Strahan shares during in a brief interview what it was like to grow her 1995 startup into a $143 million-a-year business, and then lead through seven consecutive years of losses before Covid-19 hit. Ironically those recent tough times forced her organization to return to being scrappy like it was as a startup: lean, creative and agile—must-have traits for most businesses looking to grow this year.

“We ran though about $32 million in reserves…My turnaround advisors said, ‘too bad you had reserves because you know, you might have done something sooner [to turn things around]’,” she says. At the time, Blashak Strahan was doing everything possible to improve the business—including investing another $5 million into it with a line of credit. But in hindsight, matters she wishes she would have addressed sooner include recognizing the company had become too top-heavy (of 350 employees, about 50 were in leadership), and that she as a leader had stopped focusing on what she’s best at—building and creating. Also, headcount reductions—as painful as they are—needed to happen faster, as did initiation of a new discipline of always asking why a new hire is really needed.

Based in Alexandria, Minn., Tastefully Simple taps thousands of independent consultants across the United States to sell its made-in-the-USA seasonings, sauces, baking mixes, meal and entertainment kits and gifts through home tastings, online parties, catalog sales and website.

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