What’s Working Best in Marketing Now, and How to Stay Sane During Such Uncertain Times

Liz Diedrich, founder and CEO of Diedrich RPM (research propelled marketing), provides a variety of helpful perspectives in this One Take CEO Interview.

One pertains to what’s working best in marketing today. “We’re seeing very dramatic shifts in terms of what is working digitally: Retargeting—the ads that follow you around— has produced huge conversions in of all things hospitality,” she says. “The lesson here is to not give up, to be agile, look at what’s happening and test things.”

Another observation: “Get out there and talk with other people who have your best interest at heart, and take care of yourself, too,” Diedrich says. This may have seemed rather basic a concept pre-Covid-19, but she’s noticed more and more business owners who are instead falling into the trap of hunkering down to fight the pandemic and related recession, alone.

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