How NetSPI is Growing Despite Covid-19, PLUS 3 Ways to Best Protect Your Data

In this episode of One Take CEO Interviews presented by Platinum Group, Cybersecurity business leader Aaron Shilts shares three things your business should do if it hasn’t already done so to avoid a devastating cyberattack. He also discusses how he is leading his employees through the stresses and changes brought on by Covid-19, organic growth and a recent acquisition.

Shilts is president and COO of Minneapolis-based NetSPI, the industry leader in enterprise security testing and vulnerability management. NetSPI works with eight of the top 10 U.S. banks, three of the world’s five largest health care companies and the largest cloud providers. In December, it acquired Utah-based Silent Break Security to create a complete package for offensive cyber security and attack surface management.

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  • 00:00 Introduction: Who Aaron is and what his company does
  • 01:16 On leading employees, organic growth and an acquisition during a pandemic
  • 02:29 How Covid-19 affected NetSPI’s workforce
  • 03:42 Nothing connected to the Internet is safe, so what can you do?
  • 07:33 Three things your business should do if it hasn’t already done them to avoid a devastating cyber attack
  • 09:38 How much does cyber security affect mergers and acquisitions?
  • 12:38 How has all-remote-working affected your business?
  • 14:26 What do you anticipate will be your greatest challenge in 2021?
  • 17:13 The upsides of working through a pandemic

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