This site provides fresh, unbiased context on what’s happening in Minnesota’s economy.  Through October 2018, most of these stories were also discussed live with John Hines on WCCO-AM, Mondays at 10:35 a.m. and occasionally on KARE-11 TV. John retired in September and shortly thereafter, so was the segment this content used to support. Since then, stories are still occasionally posted.

The site is produced by Dale Kurschner, an award-winning financial journalist, speaker and on-air commentator.  Dale currently serves as principal of Kurschner & Associates, a Minneapolis-based business consultancy that protects and enhances brands by integrating perspective and strategy with great communications, particularly during periods of rapid change (divestitures, mergers, crises and turnarounds) . He also is a consultant with Minnetonka-based Platinum Group. 

None of the issues or businesses covered through this site are clients of either firms. In the rare instances where one might be, any related content here would clearly state as such.