9 Experts on How to Lead During the Covid-19 Recession

In the early months of the Covid-19 economic recession, nine experts from Platinum Group participated in unscripted, one-take/unedited interviews to share their perspectives and tips on on how business owners and leaders can best move forward.

All of the interviews can be found on a Platinum Group Interview Series channel on YouTube and on seven audio platforms including Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Individual episodes are listed below. Following the list is more information on each of the Platinum Group team members who were interviewed (see footnote at bottom of page):


Dean Bachelor, Founder and Chairman: Focus Areas – M&A advisory, non-profit advisory, business transition, business turnaround. Dean has served as CEO at more than 36 companies going through a turnaround. He has a knack for discovering, unlocking and focusing on the true, inherent value of every organization, then finding unique and creative ways to restore and manage shareholder value. He received the Turnaround Management Association’s Turnaround of the Year (2004) and Transaction of the Year (2009) Awards. As founder and chairman, Dean works with each of the firm’s managing partners to restore shareholder value in a turnaround, enhance value during a consulting engagement, or realize value through a transaction or capital formation.


Pat Brennan: Focus Area – Insolvency, bankruptcy, interim leadership, business turnaround. Pat is a seasoned business executive with a strong track record of success working in a diversity of environments, including distribution, manufacturing, service and banking. He leads financial restructurings and excels in rapidly transitioning environments where cash insufficiency is the key issue that must be overcome.


Steve ColemanFocus Areas – Business transition, conflict resolution, family business, business turnaround, non-profit advisory Steve offers in-depth experience to clients pursuing strategic growth, new business development, sales planning, and post-merger integration. As more ‘Boomers’ age, he helps owners with exit strategies, which sometimes includes planning a succession or business sabbatical. He facilitates a monthly Transition Forum for leaders who are wondering “What’s next?”


Greg Coward: Focus Area – Business advice, interim CEO (manufacturing), business transition, business turnaround. Greg has deep leadership experience as CEO of industrial B2B manufacturing and consumer goods companies, as well as a regional distributor. He also has been CEO of OEM manufacturers in turnaround situations. His broad management experience includes co-ownership of two manufacturing companies. Platinum clients in need of strong operational and marketing expertise will enjoy working with Greg, a versatile and resourceful executive who can identify core issues and energize organizational focus on goals


Bill English: Focus Areas – Interim CEO, conflict resolution, leadership assessment and development, business transition, business turnaround. Bill is interim CEO of Accurate Home Care in Otsego, MN. His experience includes starting a software training company in his basement and growing it into a $9 million operation with 65 employees and contractors. With C-level leadership in several businesses, Bill combines his entrepreneurial experience with his extensive background in family conflict as a Minnesota Licensed Psychologist. His expertise includes helping CEOs who are leading distressed businesses by giving them a safe place to talk about their businesses and/or lives; helping stressful executive teams work better together and resolving disputes within the business that cannot be resolved internally


Tom Hubler: Focus Areas – Family businesses, conflict resolution, business transition, business turnaround. Since 1980, Tom has been addressing family owned business needs based on his background in family therapy.  Known as the “dean” of family businesses, he is a nationally recognized expert on family business challenges.  His work with hundreds of family businesses has enabled them to be driven by their values and vision rather than the often, conflicting overlap of family relationships and business systems.  He developed many of his theories on family businesses and families of wealth while studying systems and organizational development as a Bush Leadership Fellow. Tom founded the annual Minnesota Family Business Awards in 2007.  He taught Family Business Management at the University of St. Thomas for 10 years


Robert Lehmann: Focus Areas – Real estate legal issues, private equity, business transition, business turnaround. As an attorney specializing in real estate, Robert counsels companies in times of conflict, such as business downturns, market fluctuations and bankruptcies. He helps business owners reposition, update and/or finance their real estate assets. Robert offers seasoned guidance in helping owners work effectively with lenders and creditors to negotiate their real estate credit facilities and other obligations. When working with Platinum clients, he taps into his experience as a business owner, former president of a manufacturing company, his background in raising private equity and recapitalizing companies in trouble.


Randy Kroll: Focus Area – Non-profit advisory, interim leadership. Randy has served as CEO of a multi-office CPA firm and led two multi-campus schools. With 40 years as a CPA, Randy enjoys helping business owners and stakeholders to interpret their financial statements and bring impact on business plans. As a board member of several nonprofits and a private construction company, he has led changes in strategic direction, hired new leaders, and helped implement turnarounds and transitions


Bob Stewart: Focus Areas – Business transition, M&A, corporate governance, business turnaround. As an attorney, CPA, business manager and entrepreneur, Bob is a highly experienced and multi-faceted professional. His breadth and depth of knowledge spans a number of industries, including professional and financial services, risk management, electronics and agribusiness. Bob has extensive experience in international business, negotiating complex business transactions, turnarounds and mentoring business leaders. As a Platinum partner he has enjoyed filling many roles, including as interim manager, corporate oversight, general counsel, consulting advisor and transaction specialist


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